Marina Miracle Hero Products Duo

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Marina Miracle Hero Products Duo includes

1. Acai Hydra Cream 50ml

2. Herbal Face Oil 30ml

1. Marina Miracle Acai Hydra Cream

The Acai Hydra Cream is a light face cream to be used over face oil for extra moisture, nourishment and protection against pollution. The cream has a lovely, subtle pink color, a light scent of fresh berries and a velvet soft feeling that absorbs quickly into the skin.

The cream is formulated with acai oil, argan oil, probiotic ferment from acai berry and raspberry, Norwegian nettle and algae that restores balance and the skin’s moisture levels. The skin is left very soft and healthy!

Key Benefits:

  • Hydrates and restores skins moisture levels
  • Softens and evens out the skin
  • Anti-pollution and probiotic

How to use:
This face cream should be used over (mix with) a face oil for best results, but can be used alone for a normal skin type. 

2. Marina Miracle Herbal Face Oil

Herbal Face Oil is a nutritious and moisturizing facial oil that balances the skin. It has a very pleasant texture and a subtle soothing lavender fragrance. Fine herbs, jojoba, avocado, raspberry and aloe vera gives the skin deep nourishment without being oily or clogging pores. The face oil draws in quickly and protects and binds skin moisture. The skin is left soft, balanced and with a healthy glow.


  • Balances combination skin and moisturizes dry skin
  • Removes fine lines and gives a healthy glow
  • Sooths irritated skin and eczema


Use the facial oil every morning and evening. Wash your face perfectly clean.Turn the bottle upside down and shake the bottle well. Drip 4-6 drops in your hand and apply the product