Marina Miracle "Oil+Essence" Spa Set

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Marina Miracle  "Oil+Essence" Spa Set"  includes 

Suitable for all skin types, include combination/oily skin

1. Marina Miracle Flower Berry Essence 80ml

A hydrating essence with a mild scent of flowers and berries. Formulated with deep moisturizing hyaluronic acid and a strengthening probiotic ferment. Nutritious extracts and juices from cucumber, geranium, elderflower, cornflower, raspberry and strawberry soothe the skin, increase moisture and give the skin a new, fresh glow.

2. Herbal Face Oil 30ml

Herbal Face Oil is a nutritious and moisturizing facial oil that balances the skin. It has a very pleasant texture and a subtle soothing lavender fragrance. Fine herbs, jojoba, avocado, raspberry and aloe vera gives the skin deep nourishment without being oily or clogging pores. The face oil draws in quickly and protects and binds skin moisture. The skin is left soft, balanced and with a healthy glow.

Suggested Application: 
Apply oil directly after washing your face. Use an appropriate amount of oil on the palm, rub it until the palm is slightly warm, then press it on the face, and massage for five minutes to allow the skin to fully absorb it. After applying the oil, apply/spray the essence directly, massage slowly until it is completely absorbed, and then repeat the steps three times.