About 23.5°N

About 23.5°N

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Beauty Extracted From Nature at 23.5 °N

The direct sunlight comes to the latitude of 23.5 °N Western by the Eurasia and eastern to the Pacific Ocean , here is Taiwan island located in the tropic of cancer. The sailors from Portugal in the 16 century gave it a name "Ilha Formosa !!". Taiwan’s unique geographical location is the reason why it is rich in all kinds of flowers, fruits, crops, and vegetables. With nutrition in mind, 23.5 °N works with Asian crops and transforms ingredients originally produced for gourmet to nurture the skin.

Extracted from local plants in Taiwan
active ingredients freshly extracted through direct delivery from the origin

Just as people are selective about the food they consume, 23.5 °N is particularly selective about the authenticity of each ingredient. Plants free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are selected through a rigorous process. Beautifully grown plants as a result of chemical use are replaced by plants with high nutritious value. As soon as they are sourced from the origin, plants are sent to the extraction laboratory to preserve active ingredients and to avoid the degradation of freshness during the delivery process.