About Kind Bag

About Kind Bag

Kind Bag London

Stylish, sustainable reusable bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles! ♻️ On a mission to reduce plastic pollution. Let's be kind to the planet.

100% made from recycled plastic bottles.

We put a lot of time and efforts to make our bag more practical, useful, beautiful and unique than any other bags on the market.

It's not just another reusable shopping bag. Kind Bag is so much more caring for both you and the planet.

  • Wide handles for your comfort. Wide bottom for the big capacity, holding 20kg.
  • Silky, smooth touch.
  • Take it everywhere you go. Our big bag can fit in the attached small pouch for you to slip it in your pocket or another bag to take it everywhere you go.
  • Machine washable. Keep it clean at all times.
  • Water resistant to protect your important items.


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