Designed by the leading Korean medical aesthetic equipment company, VRoll with double effect of kneading massage and medium frequency function of treatment in dermatology is an innovative, powerful anti-ageing safe device using in both medical aesthetic treatment centers and homes that delivers visible results. It provides deeper and stronger stimulation to the muscles at a cellular level and promotes nervous sedation to make your skin (face & body) more elastic, and deliver a dramatic lifting effect.

 ‘Kneading’ means a thumb and index finger massage. It can release muscles by deeper stimulation, enhance the circulation of nerves and skin for skin-regeneration, skin-structure improvement Muscle relaxation, sebum discharge, waste excretion, and circulation of vein and lymph.
1. Soft muscle massage with 360 degree rotating double ball
2. The best structure for facial massage with perfect self-massage design
3. Used safe stainless material

“Medium Frequency” electric current energy makes the skin more elastic and lifting.
1KHz medium frequency electric current energy able to massage the muscles with systaltic system and promote nervous sedation and blood circulation. With the double ball on Vroll, gives low-frequency energy on the skin, eventually make the skin more elastic and have dramatic lifting effects.
1. Comfortable treatment is available by safe square-wave output
2. From 1 to 5, level control is available, use 10 minutes every day to achieve the best results.
3. 360° muti-angle rolling balls enables use on the whole face, body & scalp.

Made in Korea

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