Caditar Hair Care Set for Sensitive Scalp & Dry Hair

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Caditar Hair Care Set for Sensitive & Dry Hair include

With hydrating and restructuring power and hair and scalp. Caditar Hair Mask, uses the synergistic properties of yoghurt probiotics and prebiotics (Inuline). Soft for the hair and without sulphates. Caditar Hair Mask also brings natural oils of Argan and Castor, as well as Sweet Almond, known for the protective and nutritive properties. Caditar Mask nourishes the hair fibre and protects the scalp's microbiome by restoring its balance.

Caditar Zero is  suitable for all types of hair, specifically designed for sensitive scalp and hair.  It strengthens the hydration and protection of the hair fiber. 

How to Experience:
Apply to a damp scalp after shampoo. Massage the scalp and leave on 5-10 minutes, then rinse.