Marina Miracle Hydrating Repair Set

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Marina Miracle Hydrating Repair Set includes

1. Shea Hydration Mask 30ml

Shea Hydration Mask is a moisturizing face mask with a lovely scent of fresh apples and flowers. The mask gives the skin plenty of active nutrients from probiotic fermented aloe vera, oats and green tea......

2. Herbal Face Oil 30ml

Herbal Face Oil is a nutritious and moisturizing facial oil that balances the skin. It has a very pleasant texture and a subtle soothing lavender fragrance. Fine herbs, jojoba, avocado, raspberry and aloe vera gives the skin deep nourishment without being oily or clogging pores. The face oil draws in quickly and protects and binds skin moisture. The skin is left soft, balanced and with a healthy glow.