Soap Yummy Signature Black Sesame Sweet Soap Bowl 

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"Taste of Hong Kong 🇭🇰: HK Dessert-Inspired Soap 

Signature Black Sesame Sweet Soap Bowl (suitable for Face & Body, Best for Oily & Combination skin) :

Containing high level of calcium, proteins and anti-inflammatory properties, Black Sesame Sweet Soap Bowl is effective in reducing blackheads, large pores and skin redness.


*Do you know TASTE OF HONG KONG 🇭🇰 are packed with vitamins and minerals? They’re made with loads of beans and seeds 🌱 , and are also the main ingredients in Traditional Cantonese desserts. Locals love to have it as a nutritious sweet treat😋 So don’t hesitate to eat more and apply some on your skin to shine and glow from inside and out✨