About Alpha-H


The Acid Authority 

Alpha-H is an Australian skincare brand that’s been perfecting skin for 25 years and counting. Known for products that contain high concentrations of active ingredients, Alpha-H is dedicated to helping those with visible signs of ageing, Pigmentation, sun damage, skin sensitivity and acne, achieve their best skin regardless of their skin type, age or lifestyle.

Our mission at Alpha-H is to transform your skin, build its resilience and safeguard its health and beauty for a lifetime. You can achieve this by committing to our simple, yet powerful 3-step approach: activating your skin through proper cleansing, rebooting your skin using our exclusive Accelerating Acids and advocating for your skin daily using our vital protectors and nourishers.

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*KnowHow Lifestyle distributes Alpha-H retail and professional products to aesthetic clinic, beauty salons & spas in Hong Kong. We also distribute products to all retail areas and treatment centers  in Macau. Please free feel to email us hello@knowhowlifestyle.com for further enquiries.