Best Seller - Pure C Complex Serum 30ml

The benefits of Vitamin C harnessed in this potent serum, combat the signs of ageing and environmental damage. The appearance of age spots & fine lines is minimized and the complexion feels brighter and more even toned with the radiance and lustre of youth. 

Recommended for: Prematurely ageing with loss of elasticity, pigmentation, dullness and uneven skin tone, Fragile skin and visible capillaries, Psoriasis with shedding 



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Destination Deluxe

>> Great honor 🏆! USPA Age Defying Moisture Cream (Olive Leaf & Wild Plum) is selected by Destination Deluxe 2019 in their "TOP 8 ANTI-AGING SKINCARE PRODUCTS" feature.

我們很榮幸 Destination Deluxe 選了USPA玫瑰橄欖全效精華霜為其“最佳八大抗衰老護膚產品” 之一。

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