About Projet 28

About Projet 28


Projet 28
is a French anti-aging skincare brand based on a new and exclusive biotechnology of cellular regeneration, stemming from 40 years of biomedical research.

RGNA28, our exclusive patented regenerating active ingredient originating from the observation of the natural functioning mechanisms of the human body, is used in our formulas in combination with complementary active ingredients to act effectively and visibly on all signs of skin aging.

The mechanisms of tissue ageing


Tissue ageing is closely linked to a dysfunction of the Extra- Cellular Matrix.

Every day, it is estimated that around 50 billion cells die naturally in the average adult's body. This cell loss is compensated for by a natural process of regeneration, regulated by the Extra-Cellular Matrix.

The ECM is the envelope that surrounds the cells and ensures the transmission of regeneration signals when a cell dies, so that it can be replaced identically.

The ECM ensures the quality of the skin by maintaining the integrity of its structure, organising its elements and securing its renewal.

With age and the micro-injuries of daily life (UV, pollution, etc.), the replacement of dead cells is less well regulated by the ECM:

⇢ The quality and production of hyaluronic acid and collagen decrease.
⇢ The skin loses its suppleness and thickness.
⇢ The skin loses moisture and elasticity.

The result is the formation of signs of ageing: the skin ages, wrinkles appear.

Our innovative anti-ageing approach

The classic cosmetic approach aims to make up for the skin's deficiencies by artificially adding large quantities of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and/or one or two types of collagen contained in the cream. This is not optimal: in fact, the skin becomes saturated, does not necessarily assimilate these elements, and the latter are degraded more quickly by the activation of rebalancing mechanisms. Moreover, there are more than thirty different collagens, and the balance between the different collagens is fundamental.

Our approach is radically different.

Instead of artificially saturating the skin with these elements, we choose to treat the Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM) directly to allow the skin to do what it does best: regenerate itself.

RGNA28 is a reinforced biomimetic of a central molecule of the ECM, already naturally present in our body. Our patented active is designed to be more resistant to the body's own degradation mechanisms, allowing it to restructure the ECM and restore natural regeneration signals.

And so, RGNA28 helps the body to regenerate its own hyaluronic acid needs, restore the balance of collagens, and other elements necessary for the proper functioning of the skin, while protecting the hyaluronic acid and other supplements provided by our care.


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