NIPPI Collagen 100 for skin health

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Nippi uses a proprietary hydrolysis process to make collagen peptides with smaller molecules and greater bioavailability than similar products. The peptides are easily absorbed by the body, with an absorption rate of up to 90%. A pioneer in the collagen field, Nippi has its own lab and manufacturing facility with ISO 9001 and GMP certification. Raw materials are imported from the US with 87% purity, and products are shipped directly to Hong Kong, ensuring freshness and quality. 

About 75% of our skin is made up of collagen, which diminishes as we age, face damage from the sun's UV rays, or have lower regeneration.  To prevent sagging skin, lines, dehydration and loss of plumpness and lustre, collagen supplementation is necessary. 

Nippi Collagen for Skin Health is rich in amino acids, proline and hydroxyprolin.  Frequent supplementation can provide the skin with nutrients, boost collagen production, nourish skin, hair and nails, slow down ageing and strengthen cartilage and joints. 

Ingredients: collagen peptides

Suggest use: In the first 3 months, take one pack twice a day ( morning and night). Thereafter take one pack a day.

Children under 1 year old, those with intolerance to protein or taking protein restriction diet, pregnant women and lactating women should consult doctor's advice before taking this supplement.

Nippi Collagen is virtually colourless and tasteless, contains no sugar or starch, and dissolves in water. It can be taken mixed in water or beverages or food. Can take with foods containing Vitamin C to calcium for enhanced effect.