BeGlow TIA EYE multi-effect RF eye meter

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Integrating SONIC, MAS and RF three modes

TIA EYE is developed for peripheral eye skin, integrating SONIC, MAS and RF three modes, through sound wave introduction, micro-current pull and RF regeneration, layer by layer deep into the muscle bottom, to achieve anti-decay effect.

SONIC import, mainly 4500 high frequency pulse import per minute, break through the barrier rapid penetration, nutrition to the bottom of the muscle, eyes moist and slippery double.

Innovate MAS micro-current technology, release energy through four titanium contacts, accurately exercise peripheral eye muscle movement, stimulate ATP to promote blood circulation at the bottom of the muscle, and improve black circles around the eye.

RF RF mode, focusing on 4 groups of RF RF directional activation of collagen regeneration, repair of damaged elastic fiber, skin filling and tight bang bomb, eye and tail rise is not relaxed, fine lines disappear more smooth.

⭐ Product characteristics:
📍 Color: Black / pink green
📍 Size: 150x38x37mm
📍 Weight: 63g
📍 Charging time: ≤ 5.5 hours
📍 Standby days: 180 days
📍 Available time: 6 months
📍 Current Frequency: MAS (150-250uA) + RF (1MHz) + SONIC (4500times / min)
📍 Battery specification: Lithium Ion 800Ah 3.7V
📍 Product standard: host * 1, charging base * 1, storage bag * 1, operating instructions * 1, quick guide * 1
⭐ Instructions:
Fill your BeGlow TIA EYE before initial use and do not use the device in charging mode.
📍 Function mode is not support for simultaneous use. In either mode, MAS/RF/SONIC can be switched directly.

⭐ Prepare before use

    1. Remove makeup surface, completely remove the residual cosmetics and dirt on the skin, to ensure a clean state.
    2. Remove items from metal accessories such as necklaces / bracelets / watches and eye contact lenses.

      ⭐ When being used
    3. applies appropriate skin care products on the area to receive beauty care and keeps the skin moist.
    4. starts from 1 and gradually increases the gear after the skin is fully adapted.
    5. recommends matching special gels when using MAS microcurrent or RF RF functions.
    6. uses the recommended frequency in the following table:
      RF RF function: 1-2 times a week, 3 minutes per eye
      MAS Microcurrent function: 2-3 times a week, 3 minutes per eye
      SONIC Import Function: Available daily, 1.5 minutes per eye
    7. presses the beauty guide close to the skin and moves slowly.
      When 6. uses MAS or RF functionality, make sure the four metal massage heads contact the skin at the same time or reduce or lose efficacy.
      ⭐ After the use ends
      After beauty care, please wipe the residue on the instrument with a dry cloth and put it into a special storage bag for storage.
      After the instrument is on, either mode will shutdown automatically for 3 minutes.